JR Motorsports' Brenda Jackson Tribute Video Has NASCAR Fans in Tears

Following Brenda Jackson's death, JR Motorsports posted a tribute video that has NASCAR fans in tears.

Sadly, the mother of Dale Earnhardt Jr. passed away this week after losing her battle with cancer.

JR Motorsports, who Jackson worked for, shared a heartfelt video honoring the memory of the late NASCAR royalty, and it has Twitter users weeping.

"Sad that not everyone gets to have a Brenda Jackson, but maybe if they were everywhere we wouldn't appreciate them as much. So sad for everyone at JRM and her family," one fan commented.

"Great tribute to Brenda, lucky to be that close to her children for so long. But dang... gone way too soon!

"RIP Brenda Jackson," another person said.

"I had the pleasure of sharing drinks with Brenda many years ago. In that short 2 hours I was able to experience the treasure she is as you did every day. It was impossible not to love her. God Bless her and all of you. Please know we share this great loss with you," someone else said.

Oh NO!!!! Gone too soon!! God Bless Your Soul, Miss Brenda!!! Your Heart was as big as your smile!! Forever missed, but never forgotten! Thoughts and prayers to All Who Loved You," one other Twitter user wrote.

"Her sarcastic musings and straightforward approach injected a brand of humor at JR Motorsports that became part of its fabric as it grew into a full-time NASCAR racing operation in 2006 and a championship-winning organization in 2014," JR Motorsports said of Jackson in a statement on her passing.


Earnhardt Jr. spoke out about his mother's tragic passing in a tweet, saying, "I’m glad her suffering has ended and she can be at peace. She would be in tears of happiness over the words of support and remembrance she’s been shown today. Our family appreciates it as well. She will live in our hearts forever."

Jackson was 65 years old at the time of her death.