Black Water in Mississippi Deemed Safe to Drink, Social Media Doesn't Buy It

Black water affecting homes in one Mississippi city has been deemed safe to drink by officials, but social media thinks otherwise.

Residents in Mendenhall, Mississippi woke Friday morning to water that, as one resident described, looked like “black coffee.” Reportedly a result of too much iron in the water, according to the Poplar Springs Water District and as reported by WAFB 9, the water is affecting everything from drinking water, toilet water, water used to wash clothes, and even the water in bathtubs and showers.

“It's actually in the water system and you can look in the back of the toilet. And as you flush it you see the water stain,” resident Ronnie Goodman said, adding that he had used bleach in an attempt to get rid of the stain that the water had left, but it did not work. “My question is who would want to sit down at the table and drink some of this?"

Goodman’s question clearly resonated with social media users, many of whom are in disbelief that the water has been deemed safe.

“Uummmmm..... who said that?!?” one very concerned Twitter user questioned.

Another Twitter user used the wise words of George Orwell, quoting “The Party told you to reject all evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command,” from his novel 1984.

One person could not help but recruit Chef Gordon Ramsay for their reaction.

“Natural selsection has started. Because whoever believe that you can drink this safely deserves know what nvm,” one person commented.

Many more were interested to know if those who made the claims that the water was safe were taking their own words to heart and drinking the water as well.

“I would hand the person who said that a glass followed with, you first!” one person commented, clearly not buying the claims that the water is safe for consumption.


“Let’s see the author of that statement drink it for the next week, make their coffee with it, shower in it, wash their clothes in it and give it to their children,” another Twitter user wrote.

Fortunately for the residents of Mendenhall, the water began running clear again by Friday evening.