Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard


Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard

Melania and Ivanka Trump Dragged for Women's History Month Tweets

March is Women's History Month, and the Trump Administration's statements have been slammed on social media, in light of President Donald Trump's record with women.

Both First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump were blasted by Americans on social media.

"As we celebrate [Women's History Month] we reflect on women’s incredible contributions to our Nation," Ivanka tweeted on Thursday. "We honor women’s legacy of achievements — from pioneering innovations & strengthening our communities to leading in business & politics. Women write America’s proud & thriving history."

The comment sparked mostly negative reactions, especially since it came days after she told NBC News it was "inappropriate" to ask her about the women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment.

"And we also strip away their rights to make choices about their own healthcare and continue to pay them less on the dollar than men for doing often times better work! What a way to honor them," one person wrote.

"But you refuse to say if you believe your Father’s accusers... [Fake Feminist]," another person wrote.

"Who do you mean by 'we?' Apparently you don’t believe your father’s accusers who are women," another Twitter user wrote. "Who do you honor? PLEASE tell America the women that made a difference for this country and I’m not talking about your stepmother either!"

The First Lady also marked Women's History Month on Twitter, and received a similar response.

"March starts [Women's History Month], a time to celebrate the ways American women have historically changed & continue to shape our society. As we also recognize [Red Cross Month], we see the result of one woman’s call to action through the humanitarian relief efforts of the [Red Cross]," Melania wrote.

One person suggested the First Lady did not write the tweet herself.

On the other hand, Melania and Ivanka received plenty of support from Trump fans on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the Trump Administration issued a proclamation, officially making March 2018 Women's History Month. In the proclamation, the administration noted its support for women's issues.

"We can find similar stories throughout women’s endeavors today. Women are leaders in a range of fields, from business and medicine to government and the arts," the proclamation reads. "And, my Administration is committed to creating conditions that empower women to achieve even more. Access to paid family leave and affordable, high-quality childcare can help enhance women’s ability to participate in the labor force and improve the economic security of their families.


"The recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides new tax credits to businesses that offer paid family and medical leave to their employees. This landmark legislation also gives qualifying American families with children a significantly larger child tax credit and ensures that more families will be eligible to take advantage of this credit. When we support family-friendly policies, women have more freedom to explore opportunities and to thrive at work and at home."

However, 19 women have accused Trump of sexual harassment, claims the president has since denied. A month before the 2016 election, a 2005 tape of Trump boasting about sexually assaulting women leaked. Trump dismissed the comments as "locker room talk."