Police Investigating Teen Girl Posing With Assault Rifles Who Made School Shooting Threats

Police in California are investigating a teenage girl who posed with an assault rifle on social media following a series of threats at local schools.

Authorities in Santa Rosa, California are investigating after a teenage girl shared a series of alarming pictures on Snapchat showing her sitting on bed sheets in front of an American flag and posing with an assault rifle, the Daily Mail reports. Another student shared the images, writing “This is no joke! Santa Rosa high school stay safe,” with a heart emoji and “No one go to school tomorrow. This is the school shooter. Block your Snapchat location and stay home.”

The Santa Rose Police Department shared the images on Twitter, writing "If you've heard about the reported threat to Santa Rosa High School yesterday you may have also seen a version of this image. Rest assured, we have already pursued and investigated this image thoroughly and will continue to monitor the situation.”

The alarming images were the latest in a series of threats to hit school in Sonoma County.

On Wednesday, a student at Santa Rose High School discovered graffiti reading “3/1 the school is gonna be shot up...” written in black marker on the tiled wall of the girls’ bathroom. Police interviewed students regarding the threat, but found that there was no evidence to substantiate the threat.

On that same day, a 16-year-old student at Analy High School was arrested on suspicion of writing a threat of violence on one of the school’s bathroom walls.


Then on Thursday, Piner High School went into lockdown after receiving a call that reporting a person with black hair, a gas mask, a black trench coat and carrying a rifle walking on Fulton Road near the school. It was later discovered that the man wasn’t carrying a rifle, but rather a large black umbrella and was wearing a trench coat with large headphones.

“With what has happened at schools, we are all probably a little more on edge,' the release said. 'That's OK - we want you to call when you see something suspicious. If you see something, say something. We are here for you,” the Santa Rosa Police Department said in a news release.