John Dutton Confronts Bikers in 'Yellowstone' — Epic Throwback Clip

Yellowstone has had its fair share of great moments across five seasons, with Kevin Costner's John Dutton getting several chances to shine as the head of the Dutton Ranch. One of the more memorable moments that has been singled out on YouTube several times is when the Dutton Ranch is invaded by a group of bikers.

In season three's fourth episode, titled "Going Back to Cali," Dutton Ranch's hands and workers show why the rules of the property are meant to be followed. It also stands as a bit of a nod to creator Taylor Sheridan's former stomping grounds on Sons of Anarchy.

The group of bikers making their way through the area out of California have cut a fence on the property and are having a bit of a cookout on Dutton land. Ryan, Colby, and Teeter are on the scene and approach the group, informing them that they are trespassing on private property.

Much like some viewers of the show, the bikers question why a Yellowstone sign adorns the area but the workers are calling it Dutton Ranch. Ryan, played by Ian Bohen, pulls out his livestock agent badge, earning some laughs from the bikers. A fight soon ensues, summoning Rip Wheeler to the area in classic fashion, plowing his truck into the biker's rides and then exiting the truck with Lloyd and a branding iron.

This should've been enough to force the bikers to flee, with Rip emphasizing the repercussions if they don't leave. "I'm going to give you one last chance. You leave now or you never leave. I'll bury you where you f-ing stand!" he says. The bikers do leave but decide to return once the sun sets on Dutton Ranch. This is where Rip's promise returns chillingly at the hands of Costner's John Dutton.

The bikers return, cut the fence again and walk in carrying gasoline to burn the field. John Dutton is waiting, rifle and camp near a tree. Dutton isn't there for a fight, talking to the biker's leader and confirming their plan before asking what they'd do in his shoes.

Rip, Kayce, Ryan and Lloyd surround the bikers by this point and Dutton reminds them that they were warned not to return or they'd be buried where they stood. "We keep our word in this valley," Dutton says, telling the bikers that the time for leaving is over. "I don't want you to leave. I want you to dig."

The rest is the type of stone-cold situation you'd expect to see in a gangster movie. The bikers dig their graves and face the realization that John Dutton is the king of this land.

The moment also serves as a bit of a nod to Sheridan's time on Sons of Anarchy, showing how he's moved on with his success after leaving Charming. And he might not be so fond of those biker days. That's just speculation, but the same type of situation plays out in Tulsa King, the latest addition to Sheridan's properties.

The only certain thing with this clip is how it captures exactly why Yellowstone is the top dog on cable at the moment. Fans can't get enough.