‘Mindhunter’ Actress Suzanne Hevner Dead at 58

Mindhunter star Suzanne Hevner has passed away at the age of 58.

Hevner, who starred in the Netflix original series’ debut season, passed away on Friday, Jan. 4 following a battle with ovarian cancer, according to her obituary on The Jacob A. Holle & Preston Funeral Homes website.

“She spent her final weeks peacefully at home surrounded by all of her loved ones,” the obituary adds. “Suzanne is survived by her beloved son Ben.”

Hevner portrayed elementary school teacher Janet Ebner in Netflix’s Mindhunter throughout its first season. Her character became integral in FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench’s short-lived investigation into Fredericksburg school district’s Principal Roger Wade, who her character described as portraying “disturbing” behavior around the children at the school.

Fearing that Wade, portrayed by Marc Kurdisch, was a pedophile, Jane Ebner pulled Agent Ford aside and detailed how he would give children at the school a nickel in exchange for tickling them.

Along with her appearance in Mindhunter, Hevner also starred in fellow Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black as Sister Constance, a nun in the same convent as Sister Jane Ingalls, in the Season 2 episode “Take a Break from Your Values.”

Hevner’s other credits include 1998’s Meet Joe Black, 2002’s Changing Lanes, an appearance in a 2002 episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, appearances in episodes of The Sopranos that aired in 2006 and 2007, Nurse Rose Lee in Law & Order, and Florence in Master of None. Her final credit, Diane in Others, is currently listed as in post-production.

In the wake of her death, a GoFundMe page has been created by her family and friends in an effort to help pay for her medical expenses.

“This fund was set up for our friend, Suzanne Hevner, during her brave struggle with the physical challenges related to ovarian cancer,” the page reads. “In the words of her dear, niece: Suzanne passed away on Friday afternoon. It is a tremendous loss for all of us, but she put up an incredible fight.”


“We are all praying for her family during this most difficult time. Please consider contributing whatever you can towards the medical expenses incurred by her extended battle,” it adds.

The page has since raised more than $30,000 of its $50,000 goal.