Jesse Metcalfe Talks 'Emotional' Role in New Movie 'On a Wing and a Prayer' (Exclusive)

Jesse Metcalfe has starred in his share of movies and TV shows in the last 20 years. And on April 7 fans will get the see the 44-year-old actor in a different role as he plays a pilot who helps a man land a plane in the Prime Video film On a Wing and a Prayer. spoke exclusively to Metcalfe who talked about what drew him to the movie. 

"It was the character in particular and how he was written in the script. I really felt like he had a very complete emotional arc," Metcalfe, who plays Kari Sorenson, exclusively told PopCulture. "And that's something that as actors we look for so that we feel as though we can give a good performance. Kari Sorenson lost both of his fathers, his biological father and his stepfather, to plane crashes. He had a lot of unresolved trauma in his life. And that was depicted in, I feel like, a very subtle, but a very real way in the script. And I felt like I could sink my teeth into that as an actor and give a strong performance."

On a Wing and a Prayer is about a man named Doug White (Dennis Quaid) and his journey to safely land a plane after the pilot dies unexpectedly mid-flight. His family, including his wife Terri (Heather Graham) and his daughters on the plane with him, and he receives help from Kari, who is a pilot and does everything he can to help Doug fly and land the plane safely. 

"This is a very complicated aircraft that my character happens to be an expert in," Metcalfe explained. "Doug had very minimal flight experience, and he had to land this complicated aircraft in bad weather. And he was able to do so thanks to Kari talking him down over the phone."

On a Wing and a Prayer, which is directed by Sean McNamara, is an inspirational movie that has its share of suspense. Metcalfe believes this movie will be something everyone can enjoy because of what it brings to the table. "Having been part of a lot of independent features, I can tell you that it's difficult to make a good movie, a compelling movie that is very watchable," Metcalfe stated. "On a Wing and a Prayer is that and then some. I'm proud of this movie because it's very compelling. You're on the edge of your seat the entire movie. I think the performances are really strong. Dennis delivers as always. Heather is very good in this movie. And it's an inspirational movie on Easter weekend that the entire family can enjoy that's about hope and faith and redemption."