Free Streaming Platform Adding More Than 6,000 Titles

Pluto TV, a free ad-supported streaming platform, is adding more than 6,000 titles to its service. Deadline reports that the Paramount Global-owned streamer will have over 6,300 TV episodes from the CBS catalog by the end of 2022. This will include classic shows such as FrasierTaxi, Matlock, Touched by an Angel, Mork & Mindy, Cheers, and Star Trek.

In a statement on the big news, Paramount Streaming CEO Tom Ryan said, "Pluto TV and CBS are both proven leaders delivering world-class entertainment to global audiences. With unrivaled access to the coveted CBS library, Pluto TV is able to deliver the best of both worlds to our viewers – world-class, evergreen programming with flexible viewing options, all for free." George Cheeks, president and CEO of CBS, also commented, saying that CBS and Pluto TV have "supercharged" the Paramount Global's streaming efforts by working so closely together. CBS is also a division of Paramount Global.

Cheeks added, "Both of our teams are continually benefitting from insights and learnings around FAST programming performance to help define future strategies that benefit each of our businesses. The overwhelming success of the CSI and 48 Hours channels on Pluto TV are just two recent examples of how our broadcast franchises are connecting with a growing and often unduplicated streaming audience. We think we're just getting started in how we can work together with Pluto TV for the benefit of our content and the company."

Pluto TV has a number of live streaming channels, including many dedicated to specific shows like Ink Master, Tosh.0, and classic episodes of Judge Judy. Over at its website, Pluto TV writes, "We could pen a historical essay about our 2013 origins. We could toss around numbers like 100s of channels, 400+ global content partners, and nearly 50 million global viewers*. We could even drone on about our huge library of on-demand content which spans across all genres of movies, news, TV shows, sports, documentaries, and blah blah blah... But why complicate things when Pluto TV is, at its core, really simple?


The streamer adds, "All you really need to know is... it's free of passwords, it's free of payments, and it's free of all those Friday night spats about what to watch. So just lean back. Drop in and enjoy the show. It's free." Click here to check out Pluto TV for yourself!