Disney+ Cancels Star-Studded Show After 2 Seasons

The Mysterious Benedict Society has been canceled after two seasons, bringing an abrupt end to this burgeoning adventure series. The show premiered on Disney+ in 2021 and ran a second season in October of 2022, but according to co-creator Phil Hay it didn't earn a renewal. Hay broke the news to fans on Twitter on Saturday.

"Dear friends- season 2 will mark the end of THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY's journey on Disney+," Hay wrote. "We love everyone who helped make this truly special and indeed life-affirming experience happen. No regrets- so proud of what we made. So grateful to every one of you who made a place for our show in your home and heart."

Hay thanked Trenton Lee Stewart, author of the book the show was adapted from. He also thanked stars Tony Hale and Kristen Schaal, screenwriters Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, and "writers to the kids, their families, 20th, D+, our whole cast and crew... You made it wonderful and we loved every minute. The beauty of streaming is that the show lives on Disney+ and you can find it whenever you want to visit. Spoiler alert for how the story ends: the kids stay friends forever."

Fans commented with condolences for Hay but compliments as well. Many commended him on a well-made show and assured him that two seasons is no small feat in today's streaming landscape. Hay took the time to thank many of the top commenters on his post.

The Mysterious Benedict Society is based on Stewart's children's book series by the same name, published starting in 2007. They tell the story of four gifted children with troubled home lives brought together by a man named Mr. Benedict (Hale) and tasked with stopping an evil plot by Dr. Curtain. Stewart wrote four young adult novels in the series as well as one prequel novel, so the series had plenty of material to continue on.

The cast is heartbroken as well – Hale made a post on Instagram on Saturday, writing: "Hard to say goodbye to The Mysterious Benedict Society, but so INCREDIBLY thankful to [Disney TV Studios] and [Disney+] for allowing us two seasons of this beautiful story written by Trenton Stewart. Thanks to all the top notch writers, producers, crew and cast... Wonderful story, even more wonderful people."

The existing two seasons of The Mysterious Benedict Society are streaming now on Disney+. Stewart's books are available in print, digital and audiobook formats. Some commenters are hoping another streamer will try and rescue the series, but so far there is no serious chatter on that attempt.