AMC+'s 'Gangs of London': Elliot Faces a Bloody Karaoke Shootout (Exclusive Clip)

Season 2 of Gangs of London is winding down, and the violence is turned up a notch. obtained an exclusive clip of Episode 7 of the second season, which will premiere on AMC+ on Thursday, Dec. 22. The clip shows Elliot (Sope Dieisu) in a battle with a gang at the karaoke bar. It's not clear why he's there, but with his father being murdered, Elliot is likely seeking revenge. 

"In a thrilling penultimate episode, Elliot goes after those who have wronged him, but when his plan dangerously unravels, Elliot makes a shocking and strategic decision that exposes what he is truly capable of," the official synopsis of Episode 7 states. "Billy makes a shocking discovery."

The second season of Gangs of London has been intense. There have been a number of deaths as well as twists and turns, which will make the season finale very interesting, and that episode will air on Dec. 29. Elliot was close to his father and was looking to get him out of the country. But Sean Wallace (Joe Cole) had him killed because Elliot shot Sean at the end of Season 1. 

"The challenge of the first series, playing that many faced character, different person to different people, it was tough, but it was also a challenge that I embraced as an actor. It was a gift of a role," Dirisu exclusively told PopCulture in November. "And then to be removed from almost that version of a character and thrown into a different version of the character in the second series, once again is a beautiful acting challenge." 

Gangs of London is a British television series, and Season 2 earned a 79% score on Rotten Tomatoes. PopCulture also spoke to director Corin Hardy who explained the difference between this season and the first season. "We were putting that together," Hardy said. "No one had seen it. We didn't know how it was going to go down. We were all operating off of our best instincts of what we wanted to see in a show. 

"Back then, that was Gareth [Evans] and myself and Xavier [Gens] and the cast. And we were really just relieved and reaffirmed when we got such a great reaction to that  So Season 2 was for me, getting handed the reins, a great kind of responsibility and an honor to carry that on. And by that point, I got so kind of deep into the show, I felt I understood what it was and what we were trying to go for. So it was to build upon what we had created in season one, but also to try and expand it by scale."