More People Cry in Public Now Thanks to Netflix

The next time you spot someone crying on the bus, just know that it’s probably because they’re watching their favorite show on the go.

A study released Tuesday from Netflix revealed that 67% of people globally, or 2 out of every 3 persons worldwide, are willing to risk showing their emotions if it means being able to watch their favorite shows and movies outside of their home, Entertainment Weekly reports. Of those people, 44 percent are doing their viewing while on the plane, while one in five bus riders have their eyes glued to their devices. Where else are people watching Netflix on the go? At work and even in public restrooms.

Streaming shows and movies outside of the comfort and privacy of the home also means that people are wearing their emotions on their sleeves, risking the unintentional laugh or cry, maybe even sob, while out in public. The survey found that nearly all viewers have LOLed in public, and one in five have cried while in the public eye. Mexico, Columbia, and Chile were found to be the most emotional countries, but you wouldn’t find any watering eyes in Germany.

The survey also revealed that public binging is leading to a lot of spoiling. While 44 percent of on-the-go bingers have caught someone looking over their shoulder and watching, 11 percent of those over-the-shoulder watchers reported being spoiled by peeking at somebody else’s screen.

All in all, with over 109 million members in a world with over 2.4 billion smartphone users, it’s not surprising to discover that Netflix is taking over the public sphere and making “binge-free-zones” virtually nonexistent. After all, bingers ranked access to movies and TV shows as more essential than food and water for commuting.