WWE's Jerry Lawler Gives Health Update Following 'Massive Stroke'


Jerry Lawler seems to be doing well after suffering a "massive stroke" on Monday. The official Twitter account of the WWE Hall of Famer shared an update on Wednesday and said that Lawler's "speech is limited" but is expected to make a "full recovery" after rehabilitation. Lawler thanked everyone for the "continued prayers" while mentioning he'll be back in the near future. The tweet also included photos of Lawler giving the thumbs up and laying in the hospital bed with another WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart. 

Lawler's former broadcasting partner Jim Ross also shared an update on social media. He wrote: "I spoke very briefly with [Lawler]⁩ tonight. He's obviously weak but I could understand his affected speech. Jerry's prognosis is positive but he needs all our thoughts and prayers."

It was reported on Tuesday that Lawler was rushed to the hospital after being found in the driveway of his Fort Meyers home on Monday. He had surgery and had trouble speaking because of the lack of feeling in the right side of his body, according to Wrestling Observer. Lawler has had his share of health issues in the past, suffering a stroke in 2018 and having a heart attack during an episode of WWE Raw in 2012. 

In an interview on the WWE show Talking Smack in 2017, Lawler took a look back at the details of the night he suffered a heart attack. "I have alluded to the fact that 10 minutes before I had cardiac arrest – cardiac arrest and a heart attack are two different things," he said, per Fox Sports. "A heart attack, a lot of times, is caused by clogged arteries or something like that, plaque in your veins and that sort of thing. And you usually feel some pain because it's restricting the blood flow.

"...The crazy thing was, my heart had been knocked off-rhythm, I believe by the elbows. By Dolph Ziggler. And it took about ten minutes for it to just freeze up and stop. Once they got the heart back on the correct rhythm, I haven't had one minute's problem since. I've been fine, knock on wood." Lawler first joined WWE in 1992 and became one of the top broadcasters in its history. He also has a long career as a professional wrestler and was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2011.