WWE Star Hulk Hogan Mourns 'Great Man' and 'Great Friend' Rocky Johnson Following His Passing

WWE legend Rocky Johnson passed away on Wednesday at the age of 75. And while most know him as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's father, he was much more to wrestling legends. Hulk Hogan was one of the ones who had a strong relationship with Johnson and he reacted to the news of his passing on Twitter. When Hogan first entered Pro Wrestling, it was Johnson that helped him out.

"So sorry for the loss of Rocky Johnson," Hogan wrote. "A great man, a great friend and I will always remember he was one of only a few that was kind and helpful when I first broke in. RIP Rocky. I love you my brother."

A number of Hogan's fans showed support for him and Johnson in his comments section. One fan wrote: "Hulkster, [The Rock] told a story in an interview that when he was a kid his Dad took him to see one of your matches and he caught your headband when you tossed it. He said it was one of the greatest days of his life, being with his Dad at the match, and seeing you in action. "

"So sad!" another fan wrote. "I was all set up to meet him for the first time in March. Condolences to the entire family."

"Thank you for this, champ," another Twitter user wrote. "Rocky Johnson was a talent like no other with fists of fire and the best dropkick in the game."

Johnson made his debut in 1966 and he made his way to the NWA in the 1970s. He was able to win regional titles in the singles and tag team divisions, but he never won the main NWA Heavyweight Championship.

Johnson then moved on to WWE in 1983 and that's where he made history. He partnered up with Tony Atlas and later in the year, the duo won the tag team championship making them the first African Americans to win the title. Once Johnson and Atlas lost the title six months later, Johnson eventually moved on from the WWE and retired from wrestling in 1991.


Not too long after that Johnson started to train his son who later became The Rock. Because of that and making history as a wrestler, Johnson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008.