Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder Reportedly Eyeing 2 Permanent Name Options

Washington Football Team could have a permanent name coming very soon. According to TMZ, [...]

Washington Football Team could have a permanent name coming very soon. According to TMZ, Washington owner Dan Snyder is considering two names for his franchise. The one leading the way is "Washington Football Team," as Snyder is really considering to keep the name as is. The other name Snyder is looking at is "Washington Football Club."

Sources told TMZ that it's not a lock that Snyder goes with either one of the names but has been "keen on both." A deadline has not been set by the team, but before the season began, Washington launched a new website where fans can learn more about the team's rebranding process as well as submit ideas for a new name.

"We're getting thousands and thousands of submissions," Marcus Stephenson, vice president, digital marketing and programming for the Washington Football Team, said exclusively to PopCulture.com in August. "It's anything and everything. We wanted to keep it an open book like that because we want to be able to showcase some of the submissions the fans have been sending in as a proof point of the inclusive nature of this process."

Washington had used the name "Redskins" from 1937 up until this summer. The team decided to drop the name and go with Washington Football Team until a permanent name is decided. The team also removed the Native American Image from its logo. If Snyder were to go with "Washington Football Team" or "Washington Football Club," one has to wonder how will fans react to the decision, especially those who have submitted their own names to the team.

"We can guarantee that we'll choose one of the names, but everything's all up for discussion," Stephenson said. "That's part of what this whole experience is. Let's put everything on the table. Let's have a two-way dialogue with our fans around the world. Let's come to a consensus on what we all want from this franchise moving forward."

Currently, Washington is 6-8 on the year but would make the playoffs if it began today. Washington is in first place in the NFC East, so if the team was to clinch a playoff spot and make a deep run, it's possible Snyder could decide to keep "Washington Football Team" as the team name.