Travis Pastrana Helping His Mom Deliver Schoolwork to Her Students Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

With the COVID-19 outbreak causing schools around the country to shut down, there are millions of children taking classes through video chatting platforms. However, this method of learning is not readily available to everyone. In order to help some of those that can't learn with a computer, action sports star Travis Pastrana is helping his mother deliver educational materials.

The man who helped create Nitro Circus posted a video on his Instagram account Monday that showed him and his mother sitting in a Subaru. He explained that he was on an important mission to help educate children. Although his role was mostly as a driver. He was serving as a chauffeur for the day while his mother delivered the necessary educational packets.

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"Shout out to the teachers, all the healthcare workers out there," Pastrana said in the video. "My mom is a teacher in inner-city Baltimore for English as a second language. And unfortunately, most of her students don't have computers." He then explained that he would be relying on Subaru for safe transportation considering that he is a driver for the auto manufacturer in the American Rally Association.

"Ohhh a bunch of kids hate you right now!" skateboarder Ryan Lalond wrote in response to this video. While many appreciated the moves made by Pastrana and his mom, there were several others of a different opinion. They were simply laughing about the homework being assigned while the kids are in self-quarantine.

One individual, however, saw the video on Instagram and wanted to ask Pastrana an important question. Was he autographing the homework packets for these kids? Getting assignments handed out likely wasn't making the children very happy, but some Instagram users were hoping that he could brighten the day just a bit.


With the Olympus Rally being postponed after initially being scheduled for April 25-26, Pastrana has been working on keeping his skills fresh while remaining in self-quarantine. In order to learn the tracks, he has been relying on the "iRacing" platform. Pastrana has also been participating in actual virtual races on YouTube and Facebook. Although he did quickly learn that his aggressive driving style is not exactly an "asset" on a digital track.

When he isn't taking part in virtual races, Pastrana has been taking advantage of years of hard work. He owns 20 acres of land in Davidsonville, Maryland, which he bought at the age of 16. Over the years, he has built up a giant foam pit for practicing jumps, several BMX ramps, a full rally course and many other attractions. Pastranaland has become the perfect place for the longtime action sports star to practice his craft while remaining in self-quarantine.