Tom Brady Reveals Which Family Member Is the 'Most Dominant Athlete'

Most NFL fans consider Tom Brady the greatest player in league history. However, Brady may not be [...]

Most NFL fans consider Tom Brady the greatest player in league history. However, Brady may not be the best athlete in his family. On Sunday, Brady went to Twitter to share a video of his niece Maya Brady playing softball for UCLA. Maya is the oldest daughter of Tom's sister Maureen, and Tom wrote that Maya is "the most dominant athlete" in the family.

Maya is one of the best softball players in the country. According to The Boston Globe, Maya is coming off a monster freshman season, leading UCLA with seven home runs, tying the team lead with 28 RBIs and was named Softball America Freshman player of the year. In 2019, Tom Brady talked about how good Maya is.

"I think Maya is already the most athletic person of the family," he said to the Boston Globe at the time. "She's just a great athlete, so competitive. And she's been on such winning teams and she's such a great teammate. It's so impressive." Maya talked about her family to Softball America last year. And while Tom is a legendary football player, Maureen is no slouch either as she was named an All-American while playing softball at Fresno State in 1994.

"Sports have been huge ever since I was little. I always remember competing all the time," Maya said when talking about her mother. "She just really ingrained in me the love of the game. She always coached my teams when I was little. She's just always so supportive and always assuring that the love of the game is still in there."

Maya is from Thousand Oaks, California and attended Oaks Christian High School. During his senior season, Maya hit .558 with 12 home runs and 32 RBIs, leading her to be named the No. 2 recruit in the country by FloSoftball.

"UCLA was my dream school just because it's so close to where I live," Maya said. "My family is literally the most important thing to me. It's close enough for my grandparents to come to my games. It goes so much further than softball for me. Getting a UCLA degree, the family atmosphere that we have within the team and everyone is so bought in. You can just tell from the outside that everyone is always having a lot of fun."