Kendra Wilkinson Spots 'Certain QB' Near Chargers, Sparking Tom Brady Speculation

With NFL free agents able to begin signing contracts on Mar. 18, there are continuous rumors about quarterback Tom Brady and his destination. Will he remain with the New England Patriots or join another team for the first time in his career? Some fans believe that reality star Kendra Wilkinson may have provided a clue.

The former star of The Girls Next Door sent out a simple tweet on Monday that riled up football fans on social media. She said that she had seen a quarterback in the area around where the Los Angeles Chargers reside but didn't provide his identity. However, many fans responded by asking if it was Brady.

"Saw a certain QB in a restaurant around the Chargers area. Wonder if he's in talks. prob should keep it a secret who just in case lol," Wilkinson wrote on Twitter.

"If it is Tom Brady, I'm going to throw up," one fan responded on Monday. Several others simply commented with the longtime QB's name in an effort to get Wilkinson's attention. One fan called for the reality star to post a video on social media as further evidence.

While the majority of fans believed that it was indeed Brady that was spotted in Los Angeles, one was not quite as convinced. This individual responded by making a proclamation that the Tennessee Titans would "snatch him up."

With multiple teams in search of a quarterback, there is no end to the rumors surrounding Brady. He has been tied in various reports to the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Indianapolis Colts, Tennesse Titans, and San Francisco 49ers.

If it was Brady at the restaurant on Monday, it's unlikely that he was "in talks" with the Chargers. The NFL has a very strict policy surrounding pending free agents and their negotiations with prospective teams. Their agents are not allowed to enter into talks until the "legal tampering period" begins two days prior to the new league year.

In other words, Brady's agent could not negotiate with the Chargers until Mar. 16. The veteran QB would also be prohibited from visiting with any team other than the New England Patriots until the new league year officially begins. If any talks took place prior, there would be concerns about punishments in the form of fines or loss of draft picks.


While Wilkinson didn't actually identify the quarterback as Brady, there was no doubt in the minds of some fans that he was the individual in the restaurant. Even the potential legal ramifications became less of a concern in light of her teasing tweet.

(Photo Credit: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)