Super Bowl 2020: Shakira's Tongue Grabbed Everybody's Attention During Halftime Show

Sunday afternoon, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took the stage for the Super Bowl LIV halftime show. This long-anticipated duet was viewed as extremely successful and enjoyable for fans around the world. Although there was one moment that drew some attention and created memes on Twitter.

Shakira started off the festivities with a solo performance in a red outfit, and she punctuated the moment by leaning toward the camera and wagging her tongue at it. This move caught many by surprise and elicited a multitude of responses on social media. Some of the fans thought that this was a little ridiculous while others were completely confused by the entire moment.

"Someone gif that Shakira tongue IMMEDIATELY," one fan wrote on Twitter during the halftime show. Others responded by asking what she was doing with this move that they considered to be very odd.

The confusion surrounding the tongue waggle was not universal. There were several users on social media that actually believed that this move was intentional. They thought that Shakira was well aware of the impact that this moment would have on social media.

"I think we all knew the second shakira did that tongue flick it'd go crazy on this app lmfaoo," one user commented on Twitter during the halftime show. They were expecting this move to go viral and result in an animated Gif that will be used for years to come. They were not disappointed after quickly stumbling upon several different versions.

Of course, the other aspect that drew nearly as much attention during the halftime show is that Shakira was making an odd noise while waggling her tongue in front of the camera. Some compared the sound to a turkey call while others thought she was attempting to yodel.

Depending on the second half of the battle between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, the expectation was that this move by Shakira would be the most memorable moment of the Big Game. It wasn't quite as controversial as Janet Jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction, but the fans still found just as much entertainment on Sunday night.


The second half of the Super Bowl kicked off with a long drive by the 49ers, but the fans were less focused on the game. They just wanted to discuss Shakira for an extended period of time.

(Photo Credit: FOX)