Super Bowl 2020: Marc Anthony Speaks out After Daughter Emme Maribel Muniz's Halftime Performance

Sunday night, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira turned heads with a halftime performance that was viewed as one of the best in NFL history. One reason was the surprise appearance by Lopez's daughter, Emme Maribel Muniz. Marc Anthony, Lopez's ex and the father of Muniz, has since responded with praise.

The popular singer and clothing designer voiced his support on Twitter following the halftime performance. He wrote that he was so proud of Muniz after she turned heads by belting out the lyrics, and he said that he is forever hers.

Lopez stunned the crowd by bringing out her daughter Emme to sing with her. Lopez and Shakira took the stage to helm the big show this year, and the young girl blew the crowd away with her incredible performance. The fans responded by voicing their support on social media and praising the performance by Anthony and Lopez's daughter.

"She was phenomenal!" one user wrote on social media. "Has a beautiful voice just like her mommy and daddy." Others chimed in by saying that they were completely blown away by the singing ability that was on full display.

As a multitude of fans wrote on social media, they were in love with the performance that transpired during the halftime show and felt that Anthony has every reason to be proud of his daughter. He and Lopez may no longer be a couple, but the fans felt that they have raised a daughter that could be a superstar in the future if she keeps singing. Although some critical Twitter users said that they didn't want Anthony's daughter dressing like Lopez.

Comments about Lopez aside, the fans were just happy to see this singing ability and confidence on stage passed down to another generation. They felt that Anthony had every right to praise his daughter, and they responded with comments such as: "I just loved your note to your daughter. My daddy was like you. All daddies should be."

The NFL has enjoyed some standout halftime performances throughout its history, whether it was Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, or Prince. However, the fans feel that this show that featured Lopez, Shakira, and Anthony's daughter was by far the best in league history. They didn't expect to see any better in the future.


Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty