Ryan Newman Reveals Quarantine Activity With His Daughters Amid Daytona 500 Crash Recovery

Citizens around the world are currently in their respective homes due to COVID-19 concerns. This [...]

Citizens around the world are currently in their respective homes due to COVID-19 concerns. This recommended self-quarantine has led to some projects being completed that had previously been pushed aside. For NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, this time at home has provided him with the opportunity to help his daughters put together some model cars.

Newman posted a series of photos on Instagram on Tuesday that showed his daughters and their project for the day. They were going to attempt to put together a model of Bill Elliott's No. 9 Ford Thunderbird. Newman joked about some potential issues while writing: "Today's project. Let's hope I don't have to separate fingers later!!!!" Glue concerns aside, Newman and his daughters forged ahead with their build.

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Newman posted an update midway through the afternoon that showed his table covered with model car parts, paint, and instructions. Both of his daughters were focused on painting specific parts of the model. The chassis sat nearby partially built and free of color. There was still considerable work to be done, but the family was making progress.

"Put that Newman bar in there. Safety first," one racing fan wrote. They were referencing Newman's crash at the end of the Dayton 500 on Feb. 17, which resulted in him being transported to Halifax Medical Center. He was released one day later with no apparent injuries and was able to go home with his daughters.

Newman has since been spending his time recovering from what was revealed to be a bruised brain. He has been fishing (catch and release only) and had been providing key information to interim driver Ross Chastain and the Roush Fenway Racing team. Although this contribution has not been necessary in recent weeks.

The NASCAR season has since been postponed due to coronavirus concerns, and the on-track action is not expected to return until May 9. The racing organization has turned its attention to the world of eSports in the meantime, partnering with "iRacing" to host the Pro Racing Invitational Series featuring current and former drivers.

Even when NASCAR returns, there are still questions about whether or not Newman will be able to get back behind the wheel. This is less of a concern for the veteran driver, however, as he is focusing on his time with his daughters and the model car that they are building.

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