Why Paulina Gretzky Turned Down 'Playboy' Offer

Paulina Gretzky in Playboy? It nearly happened, but the model and actress declined the offer. The Gretzky, 32, recently discussed Playboy on the Pillows and Beer podcast and revealed the reason she turned the magazine's offer down. Apparently, it came down to her fiancé, PGA star Dustin Johnson, not wanting her to pose for the iconic publication.

"Dustin — just remember I love you — Playboy asked me to do, you know, Playboy, and I was like, 'Yes, this is a great opportunity,'" Gretzky said the host of the podcast, Southern Charm stars Austin Kroll and Craig Conover, per the New York Post. Gretzky said the offer came in 2013, which is the same year the two got engaged. Johnson was so against Gretzky of doing Playboy, he did something to make sure it wouldn't;t happen.

"They gave me an amount, a number and Dustin was like, 'Absolutely not. I'm going to match it. You're not doing it,'" Gretzky said. "'I don't think so' — and I was like, 'OK.' Even though money is not the thing, I could tell it bothered him and I was like, 'You know what, it's fine.'" Gretzky, the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, also talked about how she and Johnson are getting ready to tie the knot very soon.

"Dustin is the romantic," Gretzky revealed. "I'm like 'Let's go to a courthouse' and he's like, 'No, baby, I want a party, I want everyone to celebrate us.' I'm like 'Ugh, I have to be the center of attention, OK.' It really gave me anxiety a little bit to be that girl. I'm going to have like 10 wardrobe changes [at my wedding], though."

Because the couple has been engaged for so long, some people thought the two were already married. The good thing Gretzky and Johnson getting married soon is their two sons, Tatum and River, will be able to celebrate with them.


In an interview with Golfweek last year, Johnson talked about how much Gretzky means to him. "She's a huge part of me, our family and my success," Johnson said. "She's home with the kids, and has been great with that, and just has been a huge supporter for me, with everything I need to do. She understands everything it takes to get to where you want to be and the sacrifices you have to make."