Packers' Aaron Rodgers Details Seeing a UFO and Pursuing Fighter Jets 15 Years Ago

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers just turned heads with a story from his younger years. He appeared on the Pat McAfee Show and detailed a possible sighting of a UFO. He also teased other unique experiences from his life for future appearances on the show.

"Fifteen years ago — I told this story on the Nerdist podcast with Pete Holmes, a comedian friend of mine," Rodgers said. "But I told a story about when I was in New Jersey with a teammate of mine, Steve Levy. ... It was him and his brother at their house, in Jersey, and we saw a crazy thing in the sky that filled up most of the vantage point that we had. It was a snowy night. It was orange and moving in the clouds from left to right."

Rodgers continued to explain that the UFO went out of sight, but it was not the only thing in the sky that night. He said that three fighter jets quickly flew by, roughly 30 seconds after they saw the UFO. He said that the jets appeared to be chasing whatever he saw in the sky that night.

As the quarterback said, he previously told the UFC story on Nerdist, which created questions for his former teammate in Levy. The former Cal player verified Rodgers' story, albeit with one correction. He said that the home was in Cornwall, Orange County, New York, instead of New Jersey.


"We started hearing this weird noise and we were like, 'What the hell is that? It’s 12:30-1 at night,'" Levy said in 2016. "We popped open the front door and we heard it, but it’s coming from the backyard. We go out to the backyard and before you know, within minutes we are in a daze because we are looking at something. It’s reddish, yellow, orange-ish and light, and it’s moving back and forth and peeking out of the clouds and going back. It was absolutely unreal. I don’t know what it was — that’s why they are called unidentified flying objects."

Levy told the Time Herald-Record that people consistently asked him about "being under the influence" the night of the sighting. He clarified that they were completely "coherent" and said that Rodgers barely drank at the time of the sighting. Levy also said that his research led to six sightings within 50 miles of his home in February 2005.