Oregon State Football Cuts Rocco Carley Over Racist Rant

Oregon State football head coach Jonathan Smith announced on Thursday the dismissal of redshirt freshman tight end Rocco Carley. Audio surfaced on Wednesday of Carley making racist and bigoted remarks while speaking in a southern accent. Smith met with athletic director Scott Barnes, and they agreed that dismissing Carley was the best course of action. The team also removed Carley's profile from the school's website.

"I became aware of the comments made by Rocco Carley earlier this evening," Smith tweeted. "I immediately shared the audio with Scott Barnes. We both agreed this language and attitude is entirely unacceptable, regardless of circumstance or environment. I spoke with Rocco and dismissed him from the team. I will not tolerate racism or hate speech."

In addition to Smith's statement, the university also weighed in. OSU said that it prohibits discrimination in any form and that the comments did not keep with its commitment to a safe, welcoming and inclusive community. The university promised immediate action.

Carley's rant featured him making comments about "field workers" while frequently cursing. He used a racial slur multiple times, said that he hates "gays and Muslims" and talked about putting "n—ers in a chamber" and burning them. Carley later apologized and said that the recording took place three years ago and that he and his friends were giving a "satire example" of what they thought would be funny.


"To my family, my community, and everyone I have associated with, I am sorry," Carley wrote. "This video was taken about three years ago in a group chat where me and my friends were saying stupid things. This does not condone anything of what I have said but I promise you all that this video does not represent me. I was doing an accent of a southern man and giving a very satire example of what we all thought would be funny. This is no way shape or form makes what I said right.

"I am truthfully sorry to everyone I have hurt and offended and I understand that I have not represented me or my family in any positive way during this situation," he continued. "To all of my brothers, teammates, and everyone of color that I have associated with, I hope that you know me well enough to know I am in no way shape or form a racist. Again I apologize and I could not be more ashamed of my actions."