Video of Man Beaten in SuperCuts Over Alleged Racist Comments Goes Viral

A video of a man getting beaten up in a SuperCuts, after allegedly making racist comments, has gone viral. The clip was shared on Twitter by Reavis Hammond, who explained the backstory. Roughly two years ago Hammond was in the shop for a haircut, when one of the other patrons began complaining about the music begin played, referring to it as "n— music."

Hammond stated that the man continued to use the racial slur, prompting him to confront the individual. This is where the video picks up. Hammond can be seen approaching the man and speaking to him, but the audio is difficult to make out at this point. The town men walk toward the door with the man claiming that Hammond wants to take the man outside to "fight." Hammond can be heard saying he only wants to talk, but the man begins to grow more aggressive and then appears to put his hands on Hammond, though the line of sight here is somewhat blocked.

Things significantly escalate at this point, as Hammond throws a punch, connecting with the man's face. They fall to the floor and continue fighting, with Hammond dominating the battle by this point. A woman can be heard yelling for them to stop and claiming that the police have been called. Finally the man gives and when Hammond asks, "Do you want anymore," he replies, "No."

In a separate tweet, Hammond explained that he "had to cut the video a little short in order to post it." He stated that after the barber shop brawl he picked up his glasses and left. However, he did share a screenshot of the the end of the video of what the other "guy looks like when he gets up." The man appears to be quite disheveled and bloody.

A user asked Hammond if he was hit with any police charges, and he stated that the man did attempt to press charges against him, but once "the detectives watched the same video" they "all agreed it was self defense." He added, "I called the PD right after I left and then went there to give my statement. Had to get ahead of his BS story."