NASCAR's Joey Logano Sets up $1 Million Coronavirus Relief Fund

NASCAR driver Joey Logano, his wife, Brittany, announced on Tuesday that the Joey Logano would be setting up a COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund. The Joey Logano Foundation will be partnering with Elevation Church and will be using $1 million to address a variety of needs. Elevation Church is based in Matthews, North Carolina, and has locations in Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, and Canada.

The couple announced the creation of the fund on Tuesday with a video posted on Twitter. Logano and Brittany both had hopes of helping out those impacted by the coronavirus, but they didn't know the best way to approach the situation. They reached out to the pastor of Elevation Church in Matthews and asked for help creating a plan. Now they will be donating money to help with educational equity and access, medical supplies, food distribution, and financial shortages.

"I've been blessed to have the ability to help others with our platform and for the past few weeks, the Joey Logano Foundation has been able to help in multiple ways on a local level," Logano said in a statement. "However, Brittany and I knew we could do more and felt a huge calling to give on a larger capacity at a statewide and national level.

"Partnering up with Elevation Outreach couldn't have been a better fit. At a blistering pace, Elevation Outreach and the Joey Logano Foundation have been able to create a $1,000,000 COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, which will help provide funding and necessary supplies for organizations in need during this scary time. Part of JLF's mission is to inspire others to live a life of generosity and our hope is that this Response and Recovery fund is a catalyst for others to be inspired to give back during this pandemic."

In the video describing this new relief fund, Logano explained that the foundation would be immediately donating $350,000 to organizations that could get the money into the community. They would then wait to see where the rest of the money can be used as this outbreak continues.


The Joey Logano Foundation was established in 2013 and invests in organizations that provide support for children and young adults during times of crisis. The foundation also tries to inspire others to live a life of generosity.

Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images