Marble Racing: Sports Fans Are Getting Invested in Odd New Sport as NBA, MLB and NHL Shut Down

With concerns over COVID-19, sports have essentially come to a halt. The NFL is continuing with the new league year and is announcing trades every few hours, but the NBA and NHL have both halted play. Even the MLB has delayed opening day. Without many options for sporting events to watch, fans have transitioned to a new pastime involving marbles.

A video surfaced on Twitter recently that showcased a sport known as "marble racing." There were several marbles sitting in the "launch bay" and waiting for the door to be opened. Once the obstacle was removed, these marbles immediately began rolling through trenches in the dirt.

The action was intense, judging by the play-by-play announcer, as Comet took an early lead and maintained an advantage for much of the race. However, there was a moment midway through the course when Reflective and Tarantula both passed Comet and appeared to have the top two spots locked up.

Comet was not to be trifled with and mounted a comeback late. The blue marble surged past both Reflective and Tarantula and took over first place once again. This advantage remained all the way to the finish line.

"Comet didn't panic after falling to 4th place and came back to win! #comet," one excited fan wrote after watching the video. Others chimed in by calling Comet the "f–ing GOAT." There was no shortage of fans showing excitement by the surprising comeback at the end of the marble race.

"The fact that I sat here and watched this whole thing with excitement and a smile on my face!! Lol," another user added to the conversation. It was easy for those on Twitter to chuckle after seeing marble racing become a conversation piece, but they were fascinated by how invested they became in the new sport. Some even asked if there were other videos available to watch during this sports drought.

The answer, as it turns out, is a resounding yes. There are plenty of options available for fans of marble racing. For example, there is a YouTube channel called Jelle's Marble Runs that features something called the Marble League Showdown.


Sports fans may not have an excess of viewing options due to coronavirus concerns, but there are some alternatives that can entertain. These just don't quite fit the traditional description for sporting events.

(Photo Credit: H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)