Logan Ryan Delivers Game Ball to Wife Following Emergency Life-Saving Surgery

New York Giants defensive back Logan Ryan sealed a victory over the Washington Football Team on Sunday by intercepting a pass by Alex Smith. With this play, he was able to fulfill a promise to his wife, Ashley, following an emergency surgery that saved her life but resulted in the loss of their unborn child. She told him to bring home a game ball, and he did just that by intercepting the pass.

Speaking with reporters after the game, Ryan explained that the week had been very "emotionally draining" for him and Ashley. He talked about how his wife was a fighter and how he was very fortunate to not lose his wife during emergency surgery. He remained with his team while Ashley recovered, trying to concentrate on the upcoming game against the Football Team. Once the whistle blew, Ryan turned in a performance that included six tackles, an interception, a forced fumble and two passes defended.

"My wife and I mourn in silence for our lost child during that process too," Ryan said after the game. "We had a loss as well. Although it was a great story, it was an emotional week for me and her. And that game was definitely for my wife, definitely for my family. I had her name written on my cleats. Just extremely grateful that I have a great wife and that ball is for her. She told me to bring one home for her, so I was able to do that."

Following a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night, Ashley told her husband that she had stomach pains. The defensive back mentioned this to head athletic trainer Justin Maher, who urged her to go to the emergency room. Doctors diagnosed her with an ectopic pregnancy, which is when a fertilized egg grows outside a woman's uterus, leading to life-threatening complications.


"I talked to her before the game. She just got back to New Jersey," Ryan said. "She was resting and watching the game and she just knows me. She says, 'Just bring a ball home for me and the kids.' I was able to do that. I visualized it all week. No one really knows what I went through all week emotionally but the team supported me great and I definitely wanted to do something for my wife and kids in that situation."

According to Ryan, the interception took place on a play that the team had drawn up on Saturday night. He messed up the first time, giving up a 32-yard completion. He promised to make amends on the second try, which he did by intercepting Smith's pass.