LeBron James Deletes Embarrassing Tweet Amid Lakers Woes

LeBron James just deleted a tweet where he made a prediction about the rest of his NBA career. In April, the Los Angeles Lakers star tweeted that he will never miss the playoffs again after the team fell short of qualifying for postseason play for the 2021-22 season. But the tweet is no longer on his feed as the team is currently sitting 14-20 on the year and in 13th place in the Western Conference. 

Twitter users had a lot to say bout the move. One person wrote: "HAHAHAHA. Bron focused on the all-time scoring record. Winning as a Laker has never really been his priority. 2020 was just the perfect storm of luck that worked out for him."

Another person wrote: "Ohhh well so much for that moment of deep inner reflection he participated in by himself. Because damn sure nobody else on his team and management seemed to feel that way judging from the way they have played or the decisions made by upper management.....Ohhh Well."

It's not clear why James deleted the tweet, but by the looks of things right now, the Lakers will miss the playoffs for the second consecutive season. Since 2006, James has missed the playoffs twice with the first being in 2019. And during that span, James has played in 10 NBA Finals series and has won four of them. James is committed to the Lakers as he signed a two-year, $97.1 million contract extension with the Lakers in August. But Jay Williams of ESPN said the Lakers should trade James and other Lakers stars after the team got off to a very slow start this year. 

"Trade LeBron James. Trade Anthony Davis. Trade Russell Westbrook," Williams said on First Take, per LeBron Wire. "Now, you can think I'm crazy for saying 'trade all three,' but you can't realistically look at me and say 'OK, if we do trade LeBron James, we are going to believe in Anthony Davis to carry the torch for this team. I watched him get grazed last night by Nikola Jokic, and I got worried. I got concerned that I thought he was going to be out the entire game because of his back."