Kobe Bryant: Justin Bieber Buys Incredible Piece of Art Dedicated to Late Lakers Icon

Many around the world are still mourning the tragic loss of former Laker and NBA legend Kobe Bryant. In addition to posting tributes to the athlete on social media, Justin Bieber has also honored Bryant by purchasing a piece of artwork that was created with the late Laker in mind.

According to TMZ, Bieber's team recently reached out to Idiot Box Art owners Emily Bright and Tamara Martin in order to purchase one of their newest pieces that honors Bryant. The piece features Kanye West's famous Dropout Bear wearing Bryant's #8 Lakers jersey and a Mamba hoodie whilst holding onto a basketball. The artwork is made out of hand-cut wood that has been covered in acrylic paint and finished with a coat of resin.

Bieber reportedly purchased the piece, which was one of only five created, for $1,200. TMZ reported that Idiot Box Art will create miniature versions of the piece which they will sell for $200 each on Feb. 6 and 7. 24 percent of the proceeds (in honor of Bryant's other jersey number) will go to the Mamba On Three Fund, an organization that Vanessa Bryant announced was created in order to help the families of the other victims in the tragic helicopter crash that took Bryant's life.

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Following the news of Bryant's death, fans around the world took to social media to express their sorrow over his passing. In the days after the basketball star's untimely passing, Bieber also took to Instagram to post multiple tributes to the late icon. On Jan. 26, shortly after the tragic news was first reported, the singer posted a throwback photo of himself and Bryant on Instagram.

"It can't be. You always encouraged me mamba," Bieber captioned the post. "Gave me me some of the best quotes that we smile about to this day.! Love you man!"


Bieber, who has since changed his profile photo on Instagram to an image of Bryant's jersey number of 24 surrounded by a heart, posted another tribute to the former Laker in the days following the tragedy. The "Sorry" singer most recently posted a photo of himself wearing a blue version of Bryant's #8 Lakers jersey and included a caption that detailed just how much the athlete inspired him.

"I am committed working the hardest, never settling for less than greatness!" he wrote. "YOU TAUGHT US THAT [Kobe Bryant]."