Kobe Bryant Bought out Theaters to Screen 'Just Mercy' for Inner City Kids Just Before HIs Death, Jamie Foxx Says

Jamie Foxx is one of the many celebrities that had a strong connection with late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. On Instagram, Foxx talked about when Bryant recently bought theatres to screen the movie Just Mercy for inner-city Kids. Foxx stars in the film with Michael B. Jordan and Brie Larson, and he was upset about the death of Bryant.

"Just a few days ago you opened up your heart and bought out theatres for the inner city," Foxx wrote. "We got a chance to chop it up. My heart breaks looking back at this."

Along with the caption, Foxx posted a video of him talking to Bryant about his Mamba Sports Academy.

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"You got the culture right, Foxx said to Bryant who was there with Jordan and Larson. "I was there before they even changed it."

"When it was Sports Academy?" Bryant asked.

"You made it right though," Foxx replied.

After the Instagram post, Foxx spoke about Bryant's death to the New York Post and he was still emotional.

"There's no silver lining in it," Foxx told the publication on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at Avi & Co.'s cocktail bash. "My kids were broken in half, like everybody was. If we can get anything out of it, it's we need to move closer and get in proximity with people that you may not normally get along with or talk to. I see people change. I hope we can keep that energy up."

Foxx also spoke to TMZ about Bryant's death and said he was a legend on and off the court.


"He lived legendary. And his transition will be legendary man," Foxx told TMZ days after the helicopter accident. "He literally like he made us think about love more. You can't put your mind around it, but I will say this, it'll be looked at as something of legends man. Like I said it made me want to embrace life, family more. Just God bless him and his family."

Bryant spent his entire NBA career with the Lakers (1996-2016). He was a big reason the team became a force in the league during the 2000s as they won five titles that decade. Bryant was named to the All-Star team 18 times as he was named MVP in 2008.