Former MLB MVP Josh Hamilton Says Holy Spirit Spoke to Him Before World Series Home Run

'That was a religious experience' is a phrase that has been uttered many times throughout history, [...]

"That was a religious experience" is a phrase that has been uttered many times throughout history, often as a form of hyperbole. Some food critics use this phrase to describe meals that are better than average while music fans use it for impressive concerts. However, one former MLB star can say this very literally.

In a piece for The Players' Tribune, Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers fame described a moment during the 2011 World Series in which he heard the Holy Spirit talking to him. As Hamilton explained, he hadn't done much with his bat during the World Series, but that changed during one critical game up in St. Louis.

This is when, as he wrote, the Holy Spirit told him that he was going to shake up the game.

"We're in that deciding game, and suddenly I'm in the on-deck circle, in extra innings, and I'm telling you, out of nowhere….I hear the Holy Spirit talking to me. This is the honest truth. For real," Hamilton wrote. "I'm standing there, getting ready to bat, and I hear it clear as day. 'You're about to hit a homer right now, son.'"

Hamilton proceeded to take a couple more practice swings in the on-deck circle before heading up to the plate. He stepped into the box and faced the pitcher. On the very first pitch in his direction, Hamilton swung and connected for a huge Home Run that gave the Rangers a two-run lead.

This interaction occurred during Game 6 as the Rangers were leading the St. Louis Cardinals 3-2. Winning would give the Texas-based franchise their first every Championship and would have forever cemented his legacy in franchise history. Unfortunately for Hamilton, the Cardinals mounted a comeback, won Game 6, and forced a final matchup. The Rangers ultimately lost the series with a Game 7 loss, but that didn't shake Hamilton's faith.

In Christianity, the Trinity is used to describe the Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. This arm of the Trinity (the Holy Spirit) is known for working in people to motivate change, as well as speaking to them in times of need. In Hamilton's circumstance, he heard from the Holy Spirit right before making one of the biggest plays of his entire career. This certainly qualifies as a religious experience.