Freddie Prinze Jr. Launches Pro Wrestling Podcast

Freddie Prinze Jr. has a new podcast that is all about professional wrestling. On Wednesday, the podcast WWFreddie – Wrestling with Freddie was launched from iHeartMedia's My Cultura Network. The guest on the show range from Prinze's brother to WWE Superstar Xavier Woods. Prinze will talk about his ties to wrestling as well as the impact it had on his life. 

In the debut episode, Prinze talked about the time when WWE chairman Vince McMahon offered him a contract that had a very interesting incentive. "They sent me a contract, and I don't want to throw out exact numbers because I don't know if their business is public or not," Prinze said, via Wrestling Inc. "So we'll say it was $250,000 to write for them and it wasn't a number that they were going to budge. And so I said, 'You can keep all that money and give me stock. I'll just take stock in the company and bet on myself, right?' Because I was just dumb, and against my manager's advice, that's what I did and signed the contract. And the deal was for me to travel to every single Monday Night RAW and every single — shot on Tuesday but airing on Thursday was the day of SmackDown back then — so we would shoot RAW and SmackDown and I would be at all of those tapings and be in the office every single week."

(Photo: iHeartMedia)

Prinze goes on to describe the first time he met WWE legend, Michael Hayes. "So I get there, I'm super excited and I meet my superior, Michael P.S. Hayes, and yes, the P.S. stands for 'pure sexy'. So Michael, who has seen it all, now has to deal with this Hollywood guy coming into his writer's room and he's supposed to teach me the wrestling business, right? And I'm supposed to write better scripts, and nobody has been told anything about the other person. So I get in there, I have my meeting with him and he's awesome," Freddie recalled. "He couldn't have been cooler to me. He had just been in trouble with the company is what I was told, so he was kind of humbled a little bit and maybe that's why he was nice. But Michael and I, by the time I left, we were really, really tight."


Prinze is known for being in movies such as She's All That, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Summer Catch. He has also been in the TV shows Friends, Boston Legal, 24 and the reboot of Punky Brewster. Prinze also wrote and produced for WWE TV in the early 2000s.