Drew McIntyre Teases Why WWE's Move to Peacock Is 'Huge' (Exclusive)

WWE has entered a new era as the WWE Network makes its move to the NBCUniversal streaming service [...]

WWE has entered a new era as the WWE Network makes its move to the NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock. This means WWE will be seen by more people, which will lead to more fans. PopCulture.com recently spoke to WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre, who explained why WWE's partnership with Peacock only means good things for the company.

"We're very excited about it, the Superstars especially," McIntyre said in our PopCulture @Home series. "This is such a huge move. With WWE, we're bringing our incredibly passionate fanbase over to Peacock. With Peacock, there's a huge fanbase as it is. This is a great merger and so unbelievably exciting. The content you get into one platform with Saved by the Bell, The Office, Yellowstone, Parks and Recreation. These are shows I absolutely love."

WWE made the move to Peacock on March 18 but fans can still watch the streaming service on its own app. However, the standalone WWE Network will go dark on April 5 and will then be available only on Peacock. The move comes less than a week before WrestleMania 37, WWE's biggest event of the year.

"The Superstars are so excited about it," McIntyre continued. "All these eyeballs are going to be on the product and making news fans. Because in the end, that's what it's all about to us. We know if you check WWE out one time, we're going to make a fan for life."

Fans got a taste of what the WWE Network looks like on Peacock over the weekend as the pay-per-view event Fastlane took place on Sunday evening. McIntyre, a two-time WWE Champion, was featured on the show as he took on Sheamus in a No Holds Barred Match. McIntyre came away with a big win and will now get ready for his WWE Championship match against Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania.

"During our 20-year friendship as best mates, we've been at the bar drunk and start beating each other up and laughing about it," McIntyre said when talking about his relationship with Sheamus. "That's something we did when we were close and getting along with each other. Then as enemies on TV, that first match we had was a regular singles match, and we absolutely pummeled each other to bits and the reaction was great. I couldn't believe that everybody from the harshest critics to the general fanbase were blown away by that. It was just cool for Sheamus and I."