Dan Marino Sends Strong Message to Fans to Help 'Flatten the Curve' of Coronavirus Cases

'Social distancing' and 'flatten the curve' have become important terms in recent weeks due to [...]

"Social distancing" and "flatten the curve" have become important terms in recent weeks due to COVID-19 concerns. Many public figures have promoted this message using social media and asked their followers to make wise decisions. Now Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino has released his own video.

The former Miami Dolphins star posted a video on his Instagram account recently to discuss the coronavirus outbreak with his fans. He pleaded with other citizens to "be diligent" during these "tough times" and to work together to flatten the curve. Marino then reiterated how important it is to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough and to frequently clean common surfaces. He also asked his fans to avoid going to parties or being out in public.

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"Let's work together to beat this virus. Make sure you #DoYourPart to help #FlattenTheCurve! Follow @cdcgov for updates and tips on what you can do to stay safe and help save lives! We're all in this together. #StayHealthy @stayhealthyzone," Marino wrote in the caption of his post.

As a resident of the Miami area, Marino has likely seen the tourists and residents disregarding his advice. Several spring breakers flocked to the beaches of Miami to party despite being told to remain away from the general public.

"At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying," one interviewed partier said to CBS News. This comment drew criticism from users on social media, especially after four students from the University of Tampa had tested positive for the coronavirus, according to The Daily Beast. Three of the students are self-quarantining on campus, while one is doing the same at their home.

Days later, hundreds headed to Clearwater Beach near Tampa. Hundreds of people partied despite elevated concerns of testing positive. The local government did ultimately shut down the beach, starting on March 19. Although there were still scattered groups remaining.

The Center for Disease Control is urging residents of the U.S. to practice social distancing and to avoid large gatherings or crowded areas. The Hall of Fame QB in Marino agrees with this recommendation and he is pleading with his fans to work together in order to limit the further spread of the coronavirus.

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