Coronavirus Live Updates: US Death Rate, COVID-19 Map, Celebrity Responses

The novel coronavirus has infected more than 2.8 million people worldwide, killing more than [...]

The novel coronavirus has infected more than 2.8 million people worldwide, killing more than 197,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The death toll in the United States is more than 52,000 as some states, like New York, begin to plateau in confirmed cases and hospitalizations. As millions of Americans practice social distancing — staying home, wearing masks in public and practicing intensified personal hygiene — the country's leaders have warned Americans to brace themselves for the worst.

Stay up-to-date on U.S. coronavirus death rates, global death rates, recoveries and new cases with Johns Hopkins University's Coronavirus Resource Center map, which you can find by clicking here. CBS News offers live updates as well as video updates on the ever-evolving global pandemic.

States Reopening: Despite expert advisement, many states are starting to open back up, even as coronavirus cases begin to mount. Among the states are Georgia and Tennessee, who are now allowing nonessential businesses to reopen. While the states have stressed that social distancing guidelines remain in place, many worry reopening businesses and public spaces such as beaches will lead to an increase in cases and, therefore, deaths. Georgia's plan in-particular has drawn concern around the nation, even earning a condemnation from Donald Trump.

Stimulus Checks Deposited: About 80 million Americans were set to receive their stimulus checks in their bank accounts via direct deposit on April 15. The process has not been without frustrations, however, as some have had trouble accessing the IRS website and others' bank websites and apps experienced outages due to high traffic volume. Those who do not receive their tax returns via direct deposit can expect a paper check to arrive starting later this month. Those who have not filed 2018 or 2019 taxes, or who do not make enough money to file for tax returns, are still eligible to receive a stimulus check and can track theirs by using the "Non-Filers" tool from the IRS.

Possible Second Round of Stimulus Checks: Two weeks after Congress and the White House reached a deal on a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package amid countless business shutdowns, President Donald Trump hinted that a "second round" of stimulus checks could be on their way to Americans across the country. Some lawmakers have even proposed a second payment be the start of a monthly stimulus plan. Learn about when to expect your check and how much you could get.

Target Makes Its Mark Amid Coronavirus: As the confirmed number of cases in the United States continues to climb, a number of retailers are making efforts to flatten the curve by enforcing social distancing, implementing seniors hours for high-risk individuals and even halting sales of nonessential items. Target, along with other big box department stores like, Costco announced new measures to protect employees and customers by limiting the number of shoppers allowed in its stores at a time. The measures come fresh off the heels of delivery workers threatening to walk off the job after protection demands failed to be met.

Families Affected by COVID-19 Across the U.S.: The coronavirus outbreak has claimed the lives of more than 52,000 across the States, as of this writing, and is expected to climb as reports surface per medical records. Families torn apart by the pandemic have hit social media hard, including the story of father of five, Rolando "Sonny" Aravana who passed on his twin daughters' birthday; and high school basketball coach, Ben Luderer, who died at the age of 30 after he was discharged from the hospital following signs of recovery. Gary Fowler, 56, died in Detroit after being refused medical attention multiple times, causing outrage from loved ones.

Stars Lost: Amid the pandemic, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of countless stars, including country singer and legend, John Prine (73), who died April 7 after he was hospitalized in March with symptoms and intubated on March 28; along with SNL alum, Hal Willner (64), a long-time sketch music producer died following complications relating to the virus; Star Wars actor, Andrew Jack (76) who was a well-known dialect coach in Hollywood; and at the start of April, musician and songwriter Adam Schlesinger at the age of 52. In the sports world, Sam Clayton Jr. (58), one of the bobsledders who inspired Cool Runnings, died on March 31. Bob Lazier (81), who was a former Indy 500 starter, died on April 18.