Colts' Darius Leonard Accidentally Gives Wedding Ring to Fan Following Sunday's Blowout Win

Indianapolis Colts star defender Darius Leonard helped his team secure a blowout victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, tallying six tackles in the process. He celebrated the win by giving his game-worn gloves to a young fan but did not realize that he was simultaneously parting ways with an important item. Leonard accidentally gave the fan his wedding ring.

The step-uncle of the fan notified Leonard about the lost ring with a tweet on Monday. He confirmed that the ring was in the gloves and posted a photo of the fan holding them in the stands. He also asked for assistance getting the ring back to Leonard. The linebacker responded by saying, "I need that [crying laughing emoji]."

While Leonard did temporarily lose his ring, he should soon have it back. Yahoo! Sports reports that the ring is on its way back to Indianapolis. This is important news considering that the standout defender and his wife have known each other since they were in kindergarten and have a daughter together.

"We were actually in the same class," Kayla told the Colts' website in 2019. "We took a picture together and we were right beside each other. We had our t-shirts from kindergarten and we signed our names right beside each other." She also explained that the town in South Carolina where they grew up, Lake View, had less than 800 people and that everyone pretty much knew each other.

While they literally grew up together, Leonard explained that they did not actually start dating until the end of high school. He told the Colts that he asked Kayla out when they were younger, but she shut him down. The situation later changed when she tried to set up a relationship.


"She turned me down at first. I asked her out in the sixth grade and she told me, 'No.' And then in the 11th grade, she came back begging. Make sure you put that in there," Leonard said. Their relationship continued throughout college until Leonard ultimately proposed at his South Carolina senior day.

Years later, they are married and Leonard is one of the NFL's most productive players. He is a reason for Indianapolis' success and has topped 100 tackles in two consecutive seasons, including 163 as a rookie. Now he is grateful that he avoided permanently losing an important piece of jewelry.