Joe Rogan Has Tearful Reaction to Chadwick Boseman's Death: 'Such a Brilliant Guy'

Following the death of actor Chadwick Boseman on Friday due to colon cancer, multitudes have [...]

Following the death of actor Chadwick Boseman on Friday due to colon cancer, multitudes have reflected upon his life and his impact on cinema, as well as the upcoming generation. Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan is among this group, and he put his emotions on display. He recently shed tears when discussing the Black Panther star and his death at the young age of 43.

Rogan spoke about Boseman during an appearance on SiriusXM's Unlocking the Cage. He and Jimmy Smith talked about the film's box office success and how Boseman was "perfect" for the role. Rogan also explained that Boseman is exactly what you want from a movie star and a prominent person. This conversation led to him breaking down and shedding some tears.

"He was such a brilliant guy. It sucks so hard that some a—holes live forever and some really cool people die young. And he was one of them," Rogan said during the appearance. "I put on my Instagram, a video of him doing Wing Chun and getting ready for the Black Panther movie. You know when you see a person that was inspirational for so many — Have you ever seen that video? It's from the Avengers movie [Endgame].

"There is a video someone took from the audience where they see him show up on the screen and the whole audience goes crazy! It is amazing," Rogan continued. "That movie meant so much to people because it was really the first all-black cast superhero movie."

Rogan is one of the many talking about Boseman's impact on the fans and the world in general. He joins several others, including Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and actor Kevin Costner. Wallace, in particular, had actually watched one of Boseman's films on TV the day prior to his death and was "devastated" to hear the news.

"Crazy to think when I turned on the TV yesterday Get On Up was on. Being a James Brown fan and seeing how well [Chadwick Boseman] portrayed the role. Made me think about all the other films he played in n how talented he was! Waking up to the news is devastating. RIP BLACK PANTHER," Wallace tweeted on Saturday morning.

Whether it is sports figures, Marvel fans or everyday citizens, people are reminiscing about Boseman. There is universal praise for several of his films, including Black Panther, 42 and Get On Up. More importantly, people like Rogan are talking about Boseman as a person. They will continue to do so in the coming years.