'Bachelor' Alum Jade Roper Tolbert Accused of Collusion After Winning $1 Million Fantasy Football Contest

Former Bachelor star Jade Roper Tolbert and her husband, Tanner Tolbert are being accused of collusion after Tolbert won $1 million in a fantasy football contest this past weekend. On Sunday, Twitter users noticed that she came in first place fantasy football contest by DraftKings and the grand prize was $1 million. The Bachelor alum confirmed that it was her on Twitter after she saw one Twitter user post the final standings of the contest and saying that she was "on The Bachelor."

But Twitter users also saw an issue with Tolbert winning. Screenshots began to pop up of the rosters of Tolbert and Tanner's teams and there were similarities in terms of the players they drafted and when to play them.

They had similar quarterbacks but one decided to play one set of QBs on Saturday and the other on Sunday to maximize their chances of winning. That is against the rules in DraftKings as it states: "Team-building complementary lineups which serve to work together AND executing a strategy that may create any unfair advantage over individual play. (Example A: You and 2 of your friends coordinate the makeup of the lineups you build AND coordinate which contests you enter using them.)"

When the contest came to an end, DraftKings sent a congratulatory Tweet to her, but that has recently been deleted according to E! News. And it a statement, a DraftKings spokesperson said: "The DraftKings compliance team reviews the results of all major contests to ensure they comply with our Terms of Use and applicable state regulations. We take the integrity and fairness of our DFS contests seriously, and prizes are not paid out until our reviews are complete."

The Tolberts have denied any wrongdoing and they are confident DraftKings won't find anything that will prevent them from claiming the money.


"We respect that Draft Kings feels they must do their due diligence in regard to Jade winning their $1million dollar prize for the fantasy contest for the NFL's wild-card round this weekend," the Tolberts said in a statement to E! News. "Though we must ponder, would the questions, accusations and curiosity about this win be the same if the winner had been male and someone who wasn't already in the public eye? It is incredibly important for us to establish that Jade's win is nothing more than pure luck and we are confident that Draft Kings will determine the same."

Photo credit: Getty Images