Ariana Grande's Mom Joan Dresses up as Kathy Bates in New 'Waterboy' Quarantine Video

Ariana Grande has been spending a considerable amount of time in self-quarantine paying tribute to a movie she appears to love. She turned heads with an Instagram video recreating a classic scene from Adam Sandler's The Waterboy on Sunday. Now she has released another recreation that features her mom, Joan Grande.

The video posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday featured Grande reprising her role as Bobby Boucher. Her Victorious co-star Liz Gillies took on the role of Boucher's love interest, Vicki Valencourt. Finally, the role of Boucher's mom was played by Joan. She donned a red wig and did her best Kathy Bates impression while entertaining a multitude of viewers.

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"Well, I wouldn't think much of it at all," Joan said about her "son" playing football. "And to tell you the truth, I don't think much of you and your snotty questions, Miss Valencourt! I'm quite disturbed to see that you're so interested in my boy."

Joan then continued with the scene and explained how Boucher had stinky feet and that he wore pajamas with a cartoon character on the front. She also referenced some "bedtime issues" before showing a paper towel with a yellow stain. The scene ended with her calling Gillies/Valencourt "the Devil."

"now WHERE is joan's oscar?" one fan asked after watching this recreation on Instagram. Several others agreed with this question. They felt that Joan had given the performance of a lifetime, especially after donning a red wig. They wanted her to be rewarded for this commitment to the bit, as well as her acting ability.

Others, however, are simply happy that Grande and her loved ones are providing entertainment during the COVID-19 outbreak. Remaining at home in self-quarantine is necessary, but there are some users on social media struggling to find entertainment. Watching these scenes from The Waterboy is perfectly filling that role.

Released in 1998, The Waterboy found immediate success and made Sandler a star. The film made $190 million on a $23 million budget and impressed with the star-studded list of actors and cameo appearances. The Waterboy featured Bates as Boucher's mom, Henry Winkler as the football coach and Jerry Reed as Coach Red Beaulieu.


The Waterboy also brought in real personalities from the world of football. NFL coaches Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson made cameo appearances. They were joined by sports commentators Dan Patrick, Lynn Swann, Brent Musburger, Chris Fowler and Lee Corso.