Antonio Brown Says He Wants to Drop a Song With Odell Beckham Jr. During the Super Bowl

NFL wide receivers Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. may not be in the playoffs or in contention for a spot in Super Bowl LIV, but the duo could still be turning heads during the first weekend in February. Brown has revealed that he has plans of dropping a new song during the Super Bowl. Although he will require some assistance from the fans.

"My dawg [OBJ] just called me by mistake," Brown wrote on Twitter recently. "[I] text him back to remind he great ; he sent the love to make sure the fam straight ! Our new track coming 2020 100k retweet's I'll drop it Super Bowl."

As of the first weekend of the postseason, Brown's tweet only received just over 9,000 retweets. Hearing a track with both him and Beckham may not be happening unless the post begins to take off and generate some serious traction. For now, the fans of Brown will simply wait for the upcoming tracks of his album to be released on iTunes.

Brown has recently been working on a new album after converting part of his Miami home into a recording studio. He hasn't unveiled much about the album other than a working title of "No White Women 2020." He also released the first song, "Whole Lotta Money."

As expected, the opinions are split concerning the full-length version of Brown's new song. The teaser that was recently released generated some criticism, and that has continued into 2020. There were certainly some fans of Brown that thought the song was fantastic, and they let him know in the comments. Others, however, opted to express their negative feelings about the track.

"Song is worse than your 2019," one critic wrote on social media after the song was released. Others teased Brown for using the phrase "whole lotta money" far too many times during the song.

To prove this point, one individual even attempted to write out their version of the lyrics for the entire song. "I gotta whole lotta money I got a whole lotta money I gotta whole lotta money I got a whole lotta money I gotta whole lotta money I gotta whole lotta money I got a whole lotta money ~ Antonio Brown."


This new song has generated a considerable amount of criticism on social media, but will a track with Beckham be viewed in the same manner? The answer could be provided during the Super Bowl, but only Brown will make the decision about whether or not to release the song.

(Photo Credit: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)