'Total Divas' Lana in Trouble With Husband Over Kiss With a Woman

Lana's innocent smooch in Cabo made for major marital problems with husband Rusev.

The Total Divas wrestler was called out for a Snapchat in which she kissed fellow wrestler Naomi while they were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas when the screenshotted image was shared on Instagram.

While the WWE Diva insisted the smooch was a friendly peck, her husband wasn't so sure.

"How would you feel if me and John started kissing right now?" Rusev asked Lana.

"i would think that's hilarious," she responded.

"Girls kiss each other all the time, it's not a big deal," Naomi interjected, but Rusev wasn't buying it, walking off in a huff.

"Rusev is overreacting," Lana confesses to the camera. "It's not even that big of a deal. I've hooked up with girls; I've experimented, but this is just friendly. I don't even understand the big deal of it."

Later, Rusev reveals he hasn't let their feud go.

"I can't stop thinking about it, you and another girl," he tells her.

Lana assures viewers that her husband's concern stems not from any kind of homophobia, but from jealousy.

"Rusev always gets jealous," she says.

"If you're attracted to people, you're attracted to people," the Diva tells her husband. "I'm around beautiful women all the time and we feel comfortable with each other."

When the couple hits the club later in the episode, Rusev tries to call his wife's bluff by bringing over an attractive woman as what the stranger calls Lana's "lesbian gift."

"I literally want to kill him right now," Lana tells her friends.

"You're beautiful," she says to the woman, turning to Rusev, "but I'm married to you. I want you...I like teasing you, because you think me kissing other girls is like 'lesbian' when it's not."

At the end, the couple makes up (with the help of a few shots), and Lana agrees to stop poking the bear when it comes to her husband.

"I think it's confusing him," she tells the camera.

Photo credit: Facebook/Total Divas