'The Voice': Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift Hype up Her Appearance on Tonight's Episode

The Voice is about to get some serious star power added to its upcoming episode. The show will welcome a new mentor as it enters its Knockout Round. Fresh off her album, "Lover", Taylor Swift will hop on to advise the contestants as their singing lives hang in jeopardy.

This will be Swift's second time as a mentor on the show. She made her first appearance on the seventh season as a mentor.

Swift has been hyping up the appearance on her social media, as has Blake Shelton.

The show released a snippet of what's ahead on Monday's episode.

During the clip, Swift is seen meeting some of the singers. Many of the interactions are of shock as the contestants can't believe the "You Need To Calm Down" singer is helping them in the competition.

"They never react like that when it's just me," Shelton can be heard saying in the video.

When Swift was first revealed to be appearing on this season, Shelton spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the pop star. He complemented her ability to listen to someone's performance and be able to effectively critique them.

"A lot of people don't realize I raised Taylor Swift in the country music world and she knows it," Shelton told Entertainment Tonight. "She did great, though, as a mentor and she did it the first time and then coming back in this second time, it's like she's made for that.

"She's super smart and she's really good at looking at somebody's performance and listening to them and being able to go, 'I know a couple things here that instantly, I think, we can tweak on and it will take it to the next level.' She's really good at that."

Swift will be hosting two separate concerts in the states in 2020: Lover Fest East and Lover Fest West. There will be two concerts at each with the destinations being Boston and Los Angeles. There have been a handful of complaints from her fans as concerts went live a week ago.


There was an issue with the process being so drawn out and not accommodating according to the fans.

The Voice airs at 8 p.m. ET on Monday on NBC.