'The Challenge': Amber Borzotra Explains How Autism Diagnosis Affected 'World Championship' Experience (Exclusive)

The Challenge champion Amber Borzotra had two major reveals to share during the Ride or Dies reunion. First, she shared that she's expecting her first child with her Ride or Die partner and boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer. Later on in the reunion, Borzotra told the cast that she was recently diagnosed with autism. On the heels of that reveal, Borzotra explained to PopCulture.com how her autism diagnosis had a positive effect on her experience on The Challenge: World Championship, which premieres on Wednesday, March 8 on Paramount+. 

Borzotra first opened up about the journey she went on to get to her autism diagnosis. She explained that she has had a "hard time" picking up on some of her quirks, particularly as she was used to masking them. But, after entering the world of The Challenge and participating in an intense social setting, Borzotra realized that there was something bigger going on when it came to her mental health. She said, "I got help and ... it wasn't easy. It took a while, was months of trying to figure out what is this? It's deeper than the depression and the anxiety that I've already been diagnosed with. And it was something that I knew that medicine wasn't curing."

After seeking medical help, Borzotra was formally diagnosed with autism. As she noted, it was an immense relief to know that there was a greater explanation behind her behaviors. It also enabled her to head into The Challenge: World Championship with a better understanding of herself and how she can approach the game. The reality star said, "I feel relieved now. I just feel happy that I know this about myself because when I did go on to [World Championship] knowing this, I was able to be more aware of things I was doing and also my surroundings. And also I felt like I could fully be myself and it was okay because I knew nothing was wrong with me."

As Challenge fans know, Borzotra has, at times, dealt with an odd amount of vitriol from her castmates. She even said that she's just as confused as fans as to why her fellow contestants have a certain opinion of her. However, following her autism diagnosis, Borzotra was not only able to understand herself better but was also able to finally find a core group of people who could accept her exactly as she is. As a result, she's more excited than ever for fans to see her Challenge journey continue. 

"I think that this season made it a little different because I found my people, I think I found a solid group of people this season, which I can't wait for it all to hopefully play out ... I haven't had that," she said. "I finally feel like I have that this time around, they love me for me, and I didn't change anything. I was literally the same person I've always been. So, it just made me feel like there isn't anything wrong with me. I know there isn't anything wrong with me ... that's just me being a neurodivergent beautiful human being and there's no cure for it." The Challenge: World Championship airs on Wednesdays on Paramount+.