'Teen Mom OG': Ryan Edwards' Parents React to His Arrest in New Clip

Ryan Edwards' parents were most concerned about his 9-year-old son Bentley when news broke that [...]

Ryan Edwards' parents were most concerned about his 9-year-old son Bentley when news broke that the Teen Mom OG dad was arrested this March.

In a clip published by Us Weekly of Monday's all-new episode of the MTV series, Jen and Larry Edwards open up about learning their son had been arrested for violating the terms of his probation for a previous heroin possession charge. He would be arrested in July again for similar charges.

See the clip here.

"I wasn't mad he was [in jail], like, you deserve it," Jen told co-executive producer Kiki when asked about her initial reaction. "He violated his parole by not doing his community service."

Larry chimed in, "You didn't do what you were supposed to do, so you're going to get what you deserve. And we worry about [pregnant wife Mackenzie Standifer]! She just doesn't need this right now where she's at and everything else going on right now."

Jen added that the most important thing to them right now is making sure Ryan's son with ex Maci Bookout is in a good place.

"That's the biggest thing," Larry agreed. "I mean we worry about Ryan, but we worry about Bentley too."

The two said they had told the little boy about his dad's arrest, with Jen adding, "We're not gonna lie to him."

Larry explained that Bentley had asked him earlier in the garage where his dad was, saying, "Yeah, I knew he knew, but I knew he needed to hear it from us. And I told him the truth. And I told him the most important thing is your daddy's still clean."

The little boy began to cry, earning a big hug from grandpa. "And I said buddy, he's gonna be OK," Larry said. "He's gonna be OK. He's got us and we're gonna be fine."

Jen then threw in a possible dig at Bookout, who has doubted that Ryan has stayed clean after a brief stint in rehab the previous summer. "I just wish everyone could support," she said.

Larry responded, "Well, that's not gonna happen. All the love and support that we have, even with Mac and everybody, until he realizes he's still a grown man, he still makes his own decisions."

"I mean you worry every day. You don't know if there's gonna be a trigger," Jen added through tears.

"In addiction, you just never know. You never know if today's the day," Larry continued.

Since the March episode was filmed, Ryan has reportedly returned to rehab, while Standifer moved in with her parents. She has since reportedly given birth to their child, a son named Jagger, without Ryan by her side.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Mackenzie Standifer