'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Slams Haters Mocking Her for Learning Spanish for Her New Nephew

Leah Messer is defending her decision to try to learn Spanish in order to be able to communicate with her newborn nephew, Caí River, whom sister Victoria Messer welcomed Monday with her boyfriend, a rafting guide she met in Costa Rica while on vacation. The Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter Tuesday to clap back at people who thought her efforts to become bilingual were misguided, as Caí's mother speaks English and will presumably be raising her son in her West Virginia.

Many of Messer's followers responded with more of an explanation about their thought process, with one writing, "But your nephew is going to speak English. I doubt he's even going to speak much Spanish at all if he's going to be raised by your sister and your family so why would YOU need to learn Spanish?"

"I was going to pose the same question," another added. "Does Leah think babies come out of the womb speaking in a different language than the one they are taught?"

Others celebrated Messer taking on a new challenge, with one of her followers writing, "I wish a lot more people would learn Spanish, than they wouldn’t be so threatened seeing other people speak it . I'm also learning!! Good luck."

"Don't let strangers on the internet take away your happiness," another added. "This is such an exciting time for your family! I'm sorry people can be so mean. Congratulations on your new nephew."

Victoria announced she had welcomed her third child Monday on Instagram, sharing sweet photos from her hospital bed: "All Natural photos. Our sweet baby boy made his arrival today. Caí River Rodríguez Messer," Victoria wrote. "Weighing 6 pounds 7.5 ounces. With a head of hair. So thankful to everyone who helped and also to those that have sent lots of love and support. He is SO perfect & i still CAN'T believe I finally have my boy!!"


Leah later explained in the comment section of her own Instagram post about the birth that Caí's father would soon be by his son's side in the U.S., writing to someone asking about his whereabouts, "Immigration process [shrug emoji]. Will be very soon tho."

Photo credit: MTV