'Teen Mom 2' Dad Slammed for Buying Daughter a Gun for Christmas

A controversial Christmas gift has Teen Mom 2 dad Jeremy Calvert in hot water with fans.

Calvert, who shares 4-year-old daughter Adalynn with MTV cast member Leah Messer, revealed Sunday that he had purchased the child a pink .22 caliber Crickett rifle, which she posed with proudly in two photos on Instagram.

"My baby dolls 1st 22 cal crickett..... and yes [Messer] is aware of this," he captioned one of the two photos, adding, "gun safety 100%," tagging the National Rifle Association and hashtagging "#daddiescountrygirl."

In another almost identical photo, he wrote, "And here is the other one," referencing the gun, adding, "All pinkkkk."

Many fans were disturbed to see the little girl holding a gun at such a young age.

"Yeah this looks super safe, let's definitely get one more kid on this planet to think guns are toys and add to the statistics of gun deaths. Way to go [Calvert]," one fan commented.

"This is what's wrong with America," another echoed.

Others defended the reality TV personality for giving his child a firearm.

"She has a dad that is going to teach her how to use a firearm and obviously she won't be using it without adult supervision," one said. "I wish I was that young when I learned how to shoot. I love the pink camo!"

"Start them young!" another commented.


Photo credit: Instagram / @leahdawn92mtv