'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Is All Smiles With Daughter Ensley After David Eason Claims He Was Robbed

The paths taken by Jenelle Evans and David Eason since their split in November has been quite different. While Eason has seemed poised to lash out online at every turn, especially when it comes to fans, Evans has been the opposite. While she may be tired of questions related to her dating life, the former Teen Mom 2 star has used her split to begin a transformation of sorts.

Her Saturday night additions on Snapchat are a perfect example. Not only was Evans out at the gym exercising and putting her toes back in the water, but she is also showcasing that she is happy with her kids. Especially daughter Ensley who she shares with Eason.

The photo shows a smiling Evans and her daughter playing around with Snapchat's fun filters, turning them into a pair of puppies.

(Photo: Jenelle Evans / pbandjenelley_1)

It isn't the first time that Evans has shared happy photos of her daughter. She previously posted a fun set of photos showing Ensley helping her with Christmas decorations. Eason has also done his part to show he cares for his children, sharing his own photos of Ensley while criticizing Evans role as a mother.

"I've been on my own in this world since I was 15 years old," he wrote on Instagram. "Had my own car before I had license. People have no idea the type of work ethic I have just because I've been working for J cleaning up after her lazy a— for years."

It has been reported that Evans will be seeking sole custody of their daughter going forward, relocating to Nashville soon after. Eason later followed to be closer to the legal proceedings, all while still sniping at his ex.

An unforeseen incident that happened recently involves Eason having his home broken into and robbed while in Nashville.

"When I arrived home on November 27th from Nashville, Tenn., I immediately knew my house had been broken into," Eason wrote on an Instagram post that linked to an exclusive at Champion Daily. "I changed the locks before I left. So whoever broke in had to break in the back door which apparently they had previous experience."

Eason made it seem like he knew who was behind the break-in but didn't specify any details.

Evans hasn't directly commented on Eason following her split. Some fans have speculated that some of her posts are meant to be about him but she has kept her distance from directly calling him out or trashing him. She did recently post an unattributed quote that got many thinking about her divorce.


"Females break up mentally before they break up physically," the quote reads. "A guy can think he has her on lock while laying beside her but her mind is in another place. be careful how you treat her because once you lose the head, the body follows and that is real."

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the former couple, but it is clear that it will play out publicly whether MTV is involved or not.