New 'Catfish' Case Has Surprising Tie to Infamous Past Investigation

The upcoming case on Catfish: The TV Show may prove to be one of the most confusing for hosts Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford (and fans alike). In an exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday night's episode, Schulman and Crawford speak with Imari, an Ohio resident who says that she is in communication with an individual who was previously featured on Catfish and revealed to have been a catfish. Since her tale was a little confusing, the hosts let Imari explain the wild story.

Imari began by explaining that the person she has been speaking with has previously been on Catfish and 106 & Park. That information led Schulman to deduce that it was Dee Pimpin, which Imari confirmed. The hosts then asked Imari how she came into contact with Dee, to which she explained that she reached out to her via Facebook after seeing her on 106 & Park. While she explained that she had contacted celebrities in the past, she reached out to Dee because she likes her rap style and sees her as "really cool and talented."

Schulman and Crawford raised concerns about how legitimate Dee's Facebook page is, but Imari showed them that the individual has almost 20,000 followers on their account. She went on to say that the two originally started to chat over Facebook, but they then began a texting relationship. Imari did say that they have had friendly banter over text, but Schulman shared that Dee "tends to hit on straight girls" based on her previous time on Catfish. Although, Imari, who said that she does not date women, was not aware of this background. At that point, Schulman asked Imari whether she watched Dee's episode of Catfish, and she replied that she has not.

The hosts then shared a bit of Dee's Catfish backstory, with Schulman explaining that the former catfish would contact women who thought that she was a guy. He also said that Dee would "go as far to secretly put on" a strap-on sex toy to keep the ruse going. Imari was quite "taken aback" by this information, but she continued to explain that she was planning to meet Dee in Atlanta to collaborate on music together. Given Dee's background on the show, Schulman and Crawford were, understandably, hesitant about Imari's plans and even told her as such.


However, they also raised concerns about the validity of Dee's Facebook account and, thus, her identity since she has not spoken over video chat with Imari. The two hosts did say that they wanted to get to the bottom of this case to determine whether Dee is who she says that she is. To find out the culmination of this case for yourself, tune in to Catfish on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.