Matt Roloff Reveals Casting News About New Season of 'Little People, Big World'

Matt Roloff is letting some juicy details slip about Little People, Big World season 14.In a new [...]

Matt Roloff is letting some juicy details slip about Little People, Big World season 14.

In a new interview with Soap Dish, the TLC patriarch admitted there was "active filming" going on currently, saying that the schedule is currently "several days every week." As for the exact premiere date, Roloff said he's not sure when the footage will air, revealing that sometimes they aren't informed "until the last minute because maybe they don't know either."

He added that the family "kinda sit on the edge of their seats" waiting for info about the new season, but "I've heard rumors that it would be in the spring." Ex-wife Amy Roloff had previously guessed on social media that season 14 would premiere around then, which Roloff called "probably a reasonable guess."

After son Jeremy and daughter-in-law Audrey Roloff announced in July they were leaving the show behind, some Little People, Big World fans were concerned that a new season of the series might not be coming. But not only is the show filming, Roloff hinted that fans might get to see Audrey, Jeremy and their 1-year-old daughter Ember in the new season.

He said the couple dropping out of the show added a "twist to the whole thing, but TLC decided to go forward," adding "they've got [son and daughter-in-law Zach and Tori Roloff] and Amy and myself." He also added Caryn Chandler, his longtime girlfriend, and Chris Marek, Amy's beau, to that list.

But Jeremy and will likely be appearing in footage from Matt's birthday, which he hinted was taped.

"Jeremy and Audrey were part of that," he said. "That's a little tip for you there."

While the pair is not on the "filming schedule," Roloff said, "they'll participate in the family events."

"They're also not actively trying to avoid being on TV," he added. "If the cameras happen to be there, you know, they're not hiding in the closet."

Audrey recently took to Instagram to defend her and her husband's decision to drop out of the show, writing that "a couple months ago we stepped away from [Little People, Big World] and people would say things like, 'Why would you walk away from tv? Seems like it gave you guys a lot of freedom...' SIGH."

She continued, "I think the meaning of the word - FREEDOM - has been grossly misinterpreted and skewed. You see, getting married, having a baby, and walking away from the tv show are some of the most freeing things Jer and I have ever done in our entire lives. Did we have fears about each one? Yes. Did we feel unequipped or unqualified? Yes. But these life moments and decisions haven't been confining, restricting, and inhibiting... they've been liberating, redeeming, and empowering."

Photo credit: Instagram/ Matt Roloff