'Married at First Sight': Jasmine and Will Reveal They Still Haven't Been Intimate in Exclusive Clip

Despite being husband and wife for weeks, Married at First Sight couple Jasmine McGriff and Will Guess still haven't consummated their marriage in the bedroom.

In PopCulture.com's exclusive clip from Tuesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime reality series (produced by Kinetic Content), the couple explains their decision to remain chaste even after getting married to a group of friends.

"We're not having sex yet, but there's definitely attraction," Will responds when asked about the physical state of their relationship. "You want it to be natural, and you also want it to be a little special—you want to know the person. You don't want to do it just to do it, 'Oh this is my wife. Even though I don't know her, let's just do it.' You don't know her, you don't know what she likes, and she's like, 'Oh, that's it.'"

The couple is sleeping in the same bed they explain, but despite getting "[their] spoon on," the two insist there has been no "side action."

"You just have to dig real deep on a mental level, because ... marriage is forever," Will continues. "Like the mental connection is more sustainable."

Jasmine adds, "We don't want to just jump into the physical and forget everything else, so even with our differences, we want to build a strong foundation."

"We want to stay together," she continues. "I think we both believe in marriage."

The couple's friends are all over the map when it comes to their read of the situation.

"I don't think Will or Jasmine are having sex, because maybe they're shy and trying to get to know each other, but I just don't know what they're waiting for," one tells the cameras. "Why aren't you trying to have sex? Isn't that what people get married for?"

Another friend finds the boundary endearing. "I think I agree in regards to them trying to build this marriage on more than just something physical," she explains. "When you're intimate with somebody before really getting to know the meat of who they are, sometimes it can blind you to red flags you should be keeping an eye out for. I think waiting to feel like they have that deeper connection before taking it to that level, I don't think is necessarily a bad thing."

Jasmine, however, was starting to tire of the dynamic within her marriage.

"On the one hand, I really think it's sweet and respectful that Will, he wants to wait to get to know me before we get to sex," she admits to the camera. "But the whole reason I got Married at First Sight is because I wanted a family, and if he doesn't want to have sex, having kids is not going to happen."

Will the two be able to cross that milestone in their marriage?


Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime